Letter of Consent to Travel

Notarization of a Letter of Consent to Travel

A letter of Consent to Travel is a letter given to a child under 18 years of age attesting to the consent of the child’s parents for his international travel. It is recommended to prepare a specific letter of consent to travel per international travel rather than a general, over-inclusive letter. Such letter of consent is required when the child travels alone or with only one parent.

The attending lawyer at Vaughan Notary Public will notarize such letter of consent produced by the client to remove any doubt as to its validity and authenticity.

The attending lawyer at Vaughan Notary Public can produce a professionally written Letter of Consent to travel for an additional fee.

The client giving travel consent to his or her child or children must present a government issued photo identification that displays a sample of his or her hand signature. In addition, the client must sign the document before the lawyer at Vaughan Notary Public.


Fee Schedule:

$35 Per Document.