U.S.A Notarizations


U.S. Notary Public services for documents required in the United States is now offered in Toronto

Among our diverse services, we also offer notarization services for the United States of America, right here in Toronto! because convenience is at the heart of our business philosophy!

Our lawyer is registered and recognized by the Consulate General of the United States of America in Toronto for authentication purposes. The registration allows our clients that wish to authenticate a document with the United states consulate to skip the stage of dealing with the Ontario Document Service – it saves you money, but most importantly, it saves you time!

Notarized documents that do not require authentication by the United States Consulate, would be recognized by businesses and authorities in the United States when notarized by our lawyer.

We can substitute for the need to travel to the United States just for notarization or to attend the U.S. Consulate which could take weeks to book. We have experience notarizing numerous types of documents, including but not limited to:

  • Real Estate Closing documents – for a purchase or a sale of Real Estate property in the U.S.;
  • Mortgage documents – signing commitment letters, and other mortgage related documents in support of the acquisition or refinance of properties in the United States;
  • Discharges of liens and private encumbrances on properties in the United States;
  • Sale or purchase of time share units in the U.S.;
  • Family court related documents for use in the U.S. Court system;
  • Documents required in support of a person’s identification process for use in the U.S.;
  • Identity Verification Certificates for use by United States’ authorities;
  • Documents related to publicly traded companies headquartered in Canada but engaged in business inside the U.S.;

Many Real Estate related documents required for transaction closings in the United States tend to arrive to the signatory in Canada only several days before the closing date. This is common practice in the U.S. resulting from the conveyance standard practice in the United States. Conveyancers, also known as Title Companies in the United States, will only receive the necessary information several days before the closing date. The adjustments to account prior to closing and the documents required by the lender will only be ready a few days before the closing date. At that point, it would be very difficult to schedule a meeting with the U.S. Consulate as the consulate is required to provide service to so many callers. At that point, traveling to the U.S. may seem like the last plausible option. However – we can help!

If the authentication of documents is required – we can help!

If same day notarization is required – we can help!

Please remember to bring your passport to the meeting with our lawyer, as passports are the preferred choice of identification used for international documents. Particularly if a notarized “True Copy” of the identification is required as part of the closing package or notarial certificate.

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