Commissioning of Oaths, Affidavits & Declarations:

Commissioning of Oaths and Affidavits, as well as Declarations:

The lawyer at Vaughan Notary Public will commission the Oath or Solemn Declaration made for the truthfulness and accuracy of the information given by the deponent. The Commission of oath or Solemn Declaration is made for any legal purpose.

The client is required to affirm the information provided in the document after thoroughly reading and understanding its content. Only then will the lawyer administering the Oath or Solemn Declaration sign and seal the document.

Clients are requested to read and thoroughly understand the contents of their document prior to their arrival at Vaughan Notary Public. However, the document should only be signed in front of the lawyer administering the Oath.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada commonly requests the following Statutory declarations:

  • Statutory Declaration concerning a Lost, Stolen, Destroyed or Never-Received Permanent resident card;
  • Statutory Declaration confirming an individual’s identity;
  • Statutory declaration Confirming the loss or theft of a document.


Fee Schedule:

$35 Per Document.